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Give the gift of creativity by purchasing a gift card from Flux Studio. We have something for every skill level from the newbie to the experienced, professional artist. The gift card can be used to sign up for 8 week classes, 1 night classes or weekend workshops. It can also be used to purchase clay, tools or anything else that Flux offers.

(Sorry, you must be 18 years or older to access the studio)

Large ceramic bottles_edited.jpg

To purchase a gift card please contact us by email. We suggest signing up for the newsletter with the name of the person receiving the gift card but with your own email to keep track of what is happening in the studio. Once the gift has been given we can change the email address so they receive the news. 

To redeem the gift card, please email a couple of days before the class or workshop you would like to take opens for registration and you will be registered manually. 

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