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Potter Making Bowl

Our Mission

After completing my B.F.A in ceramics, I spent many years creatively frustrated without a place to work with a material I had fallen in love with. Over the past decade... or 2 (who's counting, really) I have chatted with so many creative people that feel the same way. When my husband and I had the opportunity to start a community ceramics studio, we jumped at the opportunity. We are now dedicated to helping anyone wanting an introduction to clay, space to grow as an artist or just a place to forget the world and make a mess. There are a lot of different ways to be part of our community. You can sign up for a class taught by experienced, practicing artists, join us as a monthly member with 24/7 access to the beautiful studio, come take one of the workshops that will be offered throughout the year or email us for information on renting a semi-private studio space. We can't wait to see what you will create!


Owner/Operator of Flux Studio

                                                    Jen Pankratz

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